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Our Dashboard is Mobile Optimized.

API Keys

API Key Upload Capabilities, so your campaign data is processed locally.  


Smart AI that emphasizes key analytical insights, to make your campaign stand out from the crowd.


A Secure Database with the latest technologies. We are fully GDPR compliant.

Data Analysis

Discover the insights you need when you need them. Our data analysts can guide you through key points you may be overlooking. 


Our Campaign manager can help you conduct campaigns, establish relationships & complete contracts with minimal friction.

Working With Us


We are using the latest technologies for the best analysis. We import your data from your social accounts to reflect what really matters for you in a straightforward dashboard.


We have run through numerous testimonials to create the simplest and easiest tools for managing your campaigns. We think you will enjoy our user friendly interface.

The Team

We are a young team of professional experts who have decided to combine their knowledge to create Crator Influence.


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All it takes is a few pieces of key information, to unlock the power of our platform.  

They Chose Us

“Crator Influence has really helped me to start my career as an influencer. The dashboard provided me with all the information I needed to better understand my followers. I really like the way the campaign works. It really helps to stand-out from the crowd.”

Christine Walters

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We provide hands on support through our help ticket system. We will respond within the 24 hours.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not happy and would like to be refunded we will refund you the full amount within the first 30 days

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