About Us

Who we are

Crator Influence

We aim to provide solutions, which place creativity and customization at the forefront of marketing.

We represent a strong, talented and global team, whose collective aim is to build, provide, propel and execute a fully customized, end-to-end, top-tier influencer-driven marketing campaign that suits all aspects of your unique needs and goals.

We combined our common knowledge, to create an algorithm, based on artificial intelligence & machine learning, which will help you to have the best analysis and representation of your predictable performance. It will also emphasize key points you may be missing and will propose various options to increase your audience.

We are mainly focused on the person or the brand rather than return on investment. We understand that if our customers succeed we as well succeed.

We conducted research to build a user-friendly platform environment so that our users can feel comfortable and have access to the information they need when they need it without any friction.


The Team


“I’ve been a part of a few technology focused projects before Crator. I’m ready to push forth the next big thing in media & commerce “

  • Cofounder.
  • Cohead of financials and accountancy.
  • Company Legal representative.
  • Customer Success Manager for EU/UK.
  • Brands Representative for UK/EU.
  • Influencers Representative for UK/EU.


“From having launched and maintained my own e-commerce brands, I joined Crator because I wanted to realize the reality of developing a technology focused e-commerce/digital marketing platform, geared for the masses.” 

  • Cofounder.
  • Cohead of media & branding.
  • Lead e-commerce specialist.
  • E-commerce growth manager.
  • Specialist Contact for e-commerce operations.
  • Head of campaigns management & growth.


“As a media and curation expert from the music industry, I joined Crator because it represents the next logical cumulative evolution, for the applicability of my knowledge and expertise, on a much larger scale.”

“I aim to help both influencers & businesses realize the full extents of their unrealized potentials.”

  • Cofounder.
  • Head of US Operations.
  • Customer Success Manager for US.
  • Financials CoHead.
  • Company appointed secretary.
  • Cohead of media and PR.
  • Brands Representative Contact for US.
  • Influencers Representative Contact for US.
  • Cohead of Marketing & branding.


“I decided to join Crator Influence because I wanted to work on a project that means something and that can help people.”

“The team has worked very hard to create the best platform for our users. I know that what we have built will help a lot of you to stand out from the crowd.”

  • Cofounder.
  • Chief technology officer.
  • Head of IT.
  • Lead of local hosting & cloud architect.
  • Lead platform developer (full stack).
  • Head of security and data protections.
  • Head of platform maintenance.


We offer

Our offerings are tailored and built to adapt and scale for the needs of your unique campaign conditions.

We do not believe in a one size fits all type of approach. Our platform is duly intended to revolve and adapt to your needs, first and foremost.

All the more whilst our team stands ready to work, grow and move with you, at each and every step of the way.

Ensuring your ultimate satisfaction and to ensure that you meet your goals.

Working with us

  • Full transparency and accountability at every stage of the campaign process. 
  • Upfront customization of a campaign approach that works best solely for your needs. 
  • A comprehensive platform with the capability to scale for the parameters of your campaign. 
  • A dedicated and responsive relations team, ready and willing to work with you, from start to finish. 
  • Dynamically tailored campaign guidance, analytical insights, and guidance from our team. 
  • Always unlimited campaign capacity.
  • Real-time, insightful, and intelligently presented data and analytical capabilities. 

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